We're revolutionizing giving, and you can be part of it.

We are on a mission to create more transparent, engaging, and intuitive tools for fueling global impact.

Our values

We want to keep it real. We want to do the work.

And in order to keep it real and embody the change we want to see in the world, we have to begin by holding ourselves accountable.

We must keep asking ourselves: what structures can we challenge within our internal ecosystem to show up as better agents of change?

The backbone of the Gaia Gives vision is built entirely on transparency, integrity, trust.


1. We lead through love rather than fear

With the overwhelming amount of doom and gloom in the media, it is very human for feelings of loss or despair to arise. We don’t allow this to cripple us.

We don’t use fear tactics, skepticism or manipulation to push forth an agenda. Instead, we alchemize those feelings into urgency, motivation and action to plant seeds of change and focus on the improvement we can bring as a collective.

We act from a place of love for the planet and our people, supporting some of the most innovative regenerative projects out there.


2. Ego is not our Amigo

We are not here to “save”, we are just here to serve as a catalyst of empowerment and systemic change.

We transcend the tone deaf idea of giving “voice to the voiceless”. There is no such thing. Everyone has a story and should have a seat at the table, but unfortunately systematic oppression has disempowered and disenfranchised some of the most powerful wisdom out there and marginalized diverse communities.

We serve as a platform to amplify voices and remember together.


3. Growth & transparency over perfection

Walking the talk goes beyond celebrating wins and being clear with our goals, milestones and vision. It means also being radically honest and humble, even when things don’t go exactly how we want them to. We are committed to growth and improvement.

Lets normalize being open about setbacks and challenges, they are vessels for improvement…it’s about how we get back up and overcome them.


Meet the Team

We’re a 100% remote team spread all across the world.
Maxim Goeschent
Co-founder & CEO

Fundraising @ Amnesty International 10+ years project management, Co-Founder Collaborative Arts Network & Lodestone

Matt Gillespie
Marketing & Product Design

Founding Partner of GoSun Inc. Grew to $60M Eval, +$2.3M Raised Via Crowdfunding, +10 Years Product Design + Marketing

Lila Behr

Founder Gaia Protection, Founding Partner Precious Plastics Costa Rica, President of the Blockchain for Impact Club at the Hult International Business School

Arko Hoondert
Director of Global Impact

Ex-proprietary trader + product manager + fundraising director | Owner of TREDU Cohort-Based Trading Education | Quantic Business School

Andre Refay

Deep technical experience building solutions that scale with 3 successful exits. Professional tourist and father.

Danielle Bellavita

+30 Years in Tech, Community and Governance Steward at Giveth.io, Published Author

Guilherme Maueler
Brand Design

Creative entrepreneur. 10+ years in Branding & Content Production. Former design lead at The DAOist, Kolektivo and other web3 communities

Sharon Kleinman

Multimedia storyteller, artist, event producer and entrepreneur. Founder of Blue Nomads. Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. Earth Activist.

Ronny Castillo

+15 yrs in Capital Markets as Trader and Fund Manager. Founder Madre Tierra Verde Foundation, 10+ years project management

Rahim Mawani

Visionary Artist. Community manager at Solana Foundation. Strategist at Decaf.

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