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Projects Launching In 2022:
Projects Launching In 2022:

If we’re serious about a regenerative future, philanthropy needs a revolution.

Finding and retaining donors is difficult and expensive.
Donor’s can't see where their money goes and its results.
Reporting impact is challenging and often boring for donors.

It all starts with radical transparency

It all starts with radical transparency

Milestone Based Fundraising

Project goals are broken into goal and time based milestones with funds released after successful completion of each step.

Transparent Budgets and Impact Verification

Projects submit proof for each milestone, and donors collectively verify if the goal was actually accomplished.

Payments Tracked On Blockchain

Be certain your money is going to the right place with blockchain powered track and trace payments

We help donors give like the Earth depends on it

Vetted Impact Projects

Projects are verified for impact and fiscal responsibility before listing, and supported with coaching and mentorship once accepted.

Donate Cash and Crypto In Second

Smoothly create wallet, allocate, and adjust monthly giving to multiple projects without paying additional processing fees.

Get Updates At Every Step

Better stories lead to more donations. We help projects connect directly with their donors through dynamic project updates that easily reformat for social sharing to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

We help donors give like the Earth depends on it

Creating a new economy of giving with Web3

A global giving economy - powered by Web3

Give Reoccuring Crypto Donations Without Gas Fees

Accepting 50+ cryptocurrencies and fiat, our wallet manages automated monthly donations and minimizes gas fees letting donors keep full custodianship of their funds.

Earn Tokens By Giving and Sharing

Donors earn rewards for sharing their favorite projects and verifying milestone claims using documentation provided by the projects.

Decentralized Verification, Curation, and Governance

We aim to to decentralize the platform using a token economy to power a more transparent and participatory model of philanthropy

We're a 🇨🇷🇩🇪🇺🇸 team of change-makers 💪🏽 with a conviction to do good 🌎 in a better way 🧠 from a place of love, compassion 🖖, and intellectual integrity ⚖️

Our Team:
Maxim Goeschen

Fundraising @ Amnesty International 10+ years project management, Co-Founder Collaborative Arts Network & Lodestone

Matt Gillespie

Founding Partner of GoSun Inc. Grew to $60M Eval, +$2.3M Raised Via Crowdfunding, +10 Years Product Design + Marketing

Lila Behr

Founder Gaia Protection, Founding Partner Precious Plastics Costa Rica, President of the Blockchain for Impact Club at the Hult International Business School

Ronny Castillo

+15 yrs in Capital Markets as Trader and Fund Manager. Founder Madre Tierra Verde Foundation, 10+ years project management

Andre Refay

Deep technical experience building solutions that scale with 3 successful exits. Professional tourist and father

Danielle Bellavita

+30 Years in Tech, Community and Governance Steward at, Published Author

Raphaël Benoi
Architecture Advisor

5+ years at the intersection of Web3 and Sustainable Finance. Founder Curve Labs & CO2KEN

Griff Green
Token Advisor

Co-Founder of The Commons Stack,, DAppNode, and White Hat Group (WHG)

Tony Suber
Social Impact Advisor

Executive Chairman of SDG Impact Fund, Philanthropist, Impact Investment

Bryan Doreian
Social Impact Advisor

Chief Development Magus, SDG Impact Fund, Founder Wysebridge, Elev3n, Vendible


We're looking for exceptional impact projects to change the status quo.

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